No Child Safety Seat Tickets

  • Nevada Revised Statutes require front and rear seat occupants of almost all passenger vehicles to wear safety belts or ride in an approved child restraint system (NRS 484D.495 and 484B.157).If your child is under six (6) years of age and weighs sixty (60) pounds or less, they must be secured in a child restraint system that has been approved by the US Department of Transportation, that is appropriate for the size and weight of the child, and that is attached safely and securely to the motor vehicle.

    If you are cited for your child not being restrained in a proper child restraint system, you could be subject to the following penalties:

    First Offense: For a first offense, you will have to pay between one hundred ($100) and five hundred ($500) in fines, or be required to perform at least ten (10) hours and up to fifty (50) hours of community service.

    Second Offense: For a second offence, you may have to pay between five hundred ($500) and one thousand ($1,000) in fines, or be required to perform at least fifty (50) hours and up to a hundred (100) hours of community service.

    Third or Subsequent Offense(s): Your license will be subject to suspension for a period of at least thirty (30) days and up to one hundred and eighty (180) days.