Las Vegas Speeding Tickets

Las Vegas speeding tickets are the #1 type of ticket we handle. The lawyers at Las Vegas Traffic Tickets can win speeding tickets with a 90%+ success rate or your $ back! Let our lawyers fight and win your speeding ticket for you. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. Plus there is no need for you to attend court or traffic school. Save your driver’s license from points and prevent insurance hikes.


1 – 10 mph over posted limit1
11 – 20 mph over posted limit2
21 – 30 mph over posted limit3
31 – 40 mph over posted limit4
41 mph or more over posted limit5

Do you have a Las Vegas speeding ticket? Even if the officer used radar, our firm can win over 90% of the time using our proven legal defense strategies – without you ever having to come to court! Our speeding ticket fees are usually priced lower than your speeding ticket fine so you save money, prevent point accumulation and insurance hikes, and you don’t waste time going to court or traffic school! We Win or It’s Free!* So don’t even think of paying that fine and pleading guilty!

The most common types of Las Vegas traffic tickets issued by peace officers are NV speeding tickets under NRS 484.361 to 484.375 . Speeding tickets in Las Vegas can cost you up to a thousand dollars in fines and fees, not to mention carrying up to five points that stay on your driving record with the DMV for a year or more! Don’t just give up and plead guilty – call Las Vegas Traffic Tickets for a free quote today and get that speeding ticket dismissed!